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The Orbriallis Institute - Lost Grove: Part Two

Coming October 2024

Praise for Lost Grove
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For fans of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, Lost Grove is the first in a paranormal mystery duology that explores the twisted legends and mysteries in one small town.

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A century old bargain. A humble carpenter. A successful artist…and Satan. All the essential ingredients for a modern romantic comedy.

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Beware Essex-Weald. Beware the Ouroboros. 

In the eerie, blood-soaked shadows of the once-tranquil college town of Thetford, a chilling question hangs heavy in the air: Is it the gruesome work of a madman, or has an ancient malevolence returned to reclaim its dark dominion?

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A Gothic Novel.


Through the haunted corridors of an isolated manor, a young woman is stalked by madness--and beasts.


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