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A century-old bargain. A humble carpenter. A successful artist…and Satan. All the essential ingredients for a modern romantic comedy.

In the quaintest corner of an otherwise unremarkable town, nestled within an equally ordinary house, resides Lysander O’Connor—a far-from-ordinary young artist with a unique perspective on the world. To Lysander, the comings and goings of demons through an ancient doorway in her basement are about as remarkable as the morning sun breaking through her curtains. Yes, you read that right: Lysander has struck up a friendship with Satan himself.


Yet, the Dark Lord has been a shadow of his usual self, plagued by melancholy and seeking diversion; his feelings for Lysander shift into devilish adoration. On the flip side of this demonic coin, there stands Aidan Charles—a diligent carpenter with a heart as pure as an angel's wing and a loyalty to Lysander embedded in his heart. Their bond evolves into a romance, but the Prince of Darkness refuses to release her from his grip and compels Aidan to journey through the infernal depths of Hell itself to claim her.


Caught within this whirlwind of devilishly unrequited love, there lurks a smorgasbord of oddities, including Gluttony, a deceptively cute man-eating demon, an Incubus-fronted rock band, Succubus, and the Devil himself attending a bachelor party.


So, dear reader, the burning question that looms like a spectral shadow is this: could a mere mortal ever hope to measure up to the Lord of the Underworld? In this peculiar tale of love, laughter, and all things devilish, the answer might be as unconventional as the denizens of Lysander's extraordinary basement.


"Zang creates a world of hijinks, laughable moments, and heart-warming romance." - Amazon Reviewer

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