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Through the haunted corridors of an isolated manor, a young woman is stalked by madness--and beasts.


After the loss of her father, Elodine is struck with grief and lost in a world without money or prospects when a mysterious letter offers her an opportunity she can’t ignore. She finds she is the heir of a bizarre inheritance, a remote gothic mansion, where she meets her enigmatic Benefactor. Once there, she is swept into a surreal realm where longing intertwines with lunacy and terror. She becomes inexplicably drawn to the alluring and otherworldly Benefactor.


In a place where dreams intermingle with reality, where the boundaries between man and beast blur, Elodine is thrust into a perilous struggle for her sanity. Her heart, a fragile vessel yearning for love, finds itself at odds with the savage and unrelenting nature of his world.

She tries to decipher the riddle behind the ghostly past of her father, mother, her Benefactor, and the bargain struck between them. As she comes closer to the truth, Elodine may learn that the delicate threads of love and monstrosity are intricately woven, and true monsters are made of flesh and blood.


"A psychological examination of a woman's irrevocable descent into madness." - Amazon Reviewer

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