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September Reading List: Beta and ARC reads

Man alive! September brings me a bunch or ARC reads, along with the chance to beta read for a few authors. I’m also going to try to get through some books I’m behind on from my previous month, which was actually spent writing more than reading. Among all my fantasy I’m going to get a little dark as September means October is approaching, and with it fall and cooling temperatures.

Pig Island by Mo Hayder

I’ve put off reading the remainder of Hayder’s works, but she is a perfect writer to step into the dark side of fall with. This lovely stand-alone is about cults and islands, and considering I’m a huge fan of The Wicker Man, this sort of plot is right up my alley.

Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder

Another dark and seedy book, this time dealing with a penniless divorcee who turns to the underbelly of society in order to support her teenage daughter. Well, that could get interesting, especially since her sister is a cop. I’m looking forward to this one, and both of Mo Hayder’s works will be nice reprieves from all the magical worlds I’m entering throughout the rest of the month.

The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy

This YA novel is about a special currency; memories. Certain people contain gifts, an ability to take memories, and they barter those memories to the highest bidder. It sounds reckless, dire and dark, and I’m excited to read this. I’m thrilled by the notion that these transactions aren’t without consequence; that taking on another’s memory might mean losing your own self.

Indie Read Of The Month

The Shadow Witch by Marion Mavis

It’s a most welcome trip back into the world of Ezfaia and the witchy trials of a rag-tag group of witches. I’m looking forward to learning what darkness lies in wait for Evelyn and Mavrik, plus all their friends, old and new! I am a fan of the first book, and look forward to seeing how Marion has moved the characters forward.

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