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June Reading List : Halfway to Halloween, Dark Mysteries

We’re halfway there! And I simply cannot wait to dive into something dark and mysterious any longer. Also, maybe it’s just me, but June being the beginning of summer is a time for mystery. Summer comes across all bright and fun, but it’s also when the dark seeds spring up. I mean, how many great summers are ruined by insane killers and mega monsters? The time for kids riding out on bikes, late nights walking home, and camping trips are essential setups for the dark and deadly. Seems like the perfect time to read a few thrilling and chilling books!

If You See Her by Ania Ahlborn

Ania Ahlborn was super nice enough to post the beginning chapter of this book on her website. So of course I went and checked it out, but then stopped myself. I wanted the whole book, sitting in my lap, before I got any further into it. I’m excited for this creepy house tale, and if she’s to be believed, this recently indie published book harkens back to her older work. Exciting!

The Devil of Nanking by Mo Hayder

It’s about time I read some of this authors stand alone novels, and I’m starting with the unique and twisted sounding novel about some missing film and a wrong committed ages ago. I have absolutely no idea where this book is going to go and I love that!

The Witch Elm by Tana French

If you don’t know about this oddly non-fiction story, a body of a woman was found in a witch elm and it has remained a mystery as to how and why she got there. Numerous theories have bloomed from it, because, come on! Who could have thought that creepy s!@* up! Stranger than fiction, I tell ya. This is the first of the two books I plan on reading this month about a body in a witch elm.

That Old Black Magic by Cathi Unsworth

Book two of the month regarding the witch elm topic, this one by Cathi Unsworth, who has a precision point knack for inserting magic making into the realistic world we live in. Her previous work Weirdo has a hint of ‘that old black magic’ in it, so I’m excited to see where this one goes.

Indie Read Of The Month

The Armageddon Chord by Jeremy Wagner

Who doesn’t want to read a horror novel about a guitar wielding, metal playing dude who may save humanity or destroy it by playing the music uncovered from an ancient tomb?

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