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Scrivener Trial-Week Two

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My second week into using this Scrivener Trial and I’m just astounded by the ease of use and the organization that makes my whole writing process like frolicking through a summer field, birds singing and landing on my fingers, bunnies leaping about my feet and deer dashing about. Yes, basically it’s a Disney movie using Scrivener. I am sure that might make absolutely no sense to some, but there are others who will get it.

  1. I created a section for a Dictionary and figured out how to alphabetize the document in that section. Which can be pretty dang handy. Thinking of another novel I have in mind that involves a VERY long timeline, I wonder if there is a way to organize by date. I’ll save that for later.

  2. Got into the scene sketch template, which is interesting, and can be useful. I’m not sure it is completely necessary in some stories, but it may be helpful for a complicated world. In one of my series this may prove more useful as the story progresses.

  3. The Find and Replace tool is easier to negotiate and use. There are options for the full word, starts with, all the texts within your project, etc and so forth. And it works beautifully and tells you the number of documents changed. I find this pretty amazing, because there’s always the off chance I might change a character name or the name of a place/thing.

  4. I finally started messing around with the word count tracker in Project Targets. It’s really pretty handy as it can be used to track an overall word count goal as well as Session targets, and these are easily tweet-able (which I haven’t used). There are some settings that you have to be sure are in place in order to make sure the word count is only counting the actual text of the story/novel and not that of the notes etc, but they’re all really easy to find.

I definitely won’t get into the formatting and importing/exporting within the month trial, but I can tell this so far…Why the heck did it take me so long to start using this!! Honestly, if you haven’t tried Scrivener and are writing novels, I would strongly suggest you give this application a try. It’s harmless after all to try it out for a month. I have since made the purchase because Scrivener is just too good to give up now. It makes my planning, my writing and assumedly (from what others have said) my publishing incredibly streamlined.

I’ll definitely keep up to date on any other developments that I note as the month progresses and as the books get ready for publishing. I might even include some tutorials, not that there aren’t a million, but maybe a few more of the particular ones. Perhaps not just for those who might be looking but just as a means to describe the ease of use of Scrivener for those who might still be hesitant to give it a try.

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