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Character Introduction: Trust Of The Magdrid

Character Introductions

I thought I’d write an introduction to my characters in all of my books, but I’m going to start with the one I have not published yet.

Why am I doing that?

Well, for one thing, I’m near completing the edits on book one of my epic fantasy trilogy, The Book Of Spells, and secondly, my full circle participation in both NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo (I’m going to write all about it in a later post at the end of the month) has me thinking it is as good a place to start as any. But, don’t worry, I plan on adding character introductions for all of my books.

Trust Of The Magdrid

A Book Of Spells Novel

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Sebastian Roczniak

98 • Occupies both Eien and Sien

Role in Story: Lead Male

Goal: Destroy the Scold and the Council. Learn the truth of where Magdrid come from. Set the Magdrid free.

Physical Description: Tall, incredibly built with chaotic red hair that hangs down to just below his collar bone. He has many tattoos which are used for magdrict. A scar from the left corner of his mouth up to his cheekbone and a scar through his right eyebrow. Also a small scar in chest when someone attempted to kill him for the second time. He has strong hands with lean and long fingers, which is a trademark to all Magdrid. He wears rings on his right ring finger, his left thumb and another, eventually, on his left middle finger.

Personality: Perpetually surly with an incredibly dry and sarcastic sense of humor, when he chooses to have one. He is an excellent teacher, with remarkable patience considering how curmudgeon-y he can be. He is surprisingly gentle too; determined, dangerous, and knowledgeable.

Occupation: Owner of Alister’s Bibliotheque and Rarities

Habits/Mannerisms: He wears a constant scowl, is often unreadable and has a habit of twisting the ring on his right ring finger with his thumb as he thinks or reads, and sometimes just absentmindedly. He crosses his arms, or slides his hands into his pockets casually. He like cream and sugar in his tea.

Background: Born to a High Magdrid family, and a rare breed of magdrid known as the bejnkavel, he was raised by loving parents who tried to teach him all aspects of magdrict. He spent time camping in Dovk (the wild part of his world) with his family and learned great magdrict, both light and dark. His parents were killed by the Council when he was 11. His friend’s wife (a woman he secretly loved) and the child growing in her womb were killed by the Council when he was 22 while he was trying to help her escape. He and his friend started the Scold, a rebellious, treacherous organization who sought to rid Eien (the name of their world) of the Council and their controlling and limiting rules. He has been held in the Council cells multiple times and tortured until he escaped, each time on his own. He eventually met Hemeclax Alister, an older bejnkavel who was born only a few years after the separation of the world of humans and his world. He taught Sebastian that there was more to all the lies of the Council, and that the world of Sien, the one belonging to humans, and the humans themselves, were worth protecting. He taught him how the humans were beautiful. He protects and learns from all the forbidden texts that the Council would otherwise have destroyed if they got their hands on them before he and Hemeclax rescued them.

Internal Conflicts: Sebastian suffers from years of torment and being placed under the boot of the Council. They killed his parents, tried to control him, killed a woman he loved and have betrayed him time and again. On top of that, and due to his youthful rage, he and the Scold have killed many other magdrid. With the reappearance of his old organization he once abandoned, he regrets that he created them and he regrets all the pain he has caused. He’s also afraid to get close to anyone again, as he has lost so many or been betrayed by them.

External Conflicts: The Scold and the Council will both want him dead by the end of book one. His old comrade Marcus will turn on him, and seek bringing death and obedience from not only his own kind, but the human world as well. Sebastian will be forced to protect not only his fellow magdrid, and lead them into a new period, but he will need to protect people he inevitably will come to love and all the worlds.

Notes: Smells like cedar and a deep sweet note that could be caramel or vanilla, but is neither and both.

trust of the magdrid, sebastian roczniak, fantasy, fictiion, novels, books, writing, writer, magic, celeste easom

Celeste Easom

28 • Occupies Sien and then Eien

Role in Story: Lead Female

Goal: To help the Magdrid find their true history and free them from their darkness.

Physical Description: Average height with a womanly figure, which she defines as “a bit squishy in parts”. She has large eyes, a long neck, pale ash brown hair with wild curls she can’t ever seem to contain.

Personality: Quiet and educated, Celeste is easy going and determined to always be kind. She is energetic, smart, with a healthy dash of sarcasm.

Occupation: Clerk at Alister’s Bibliotheque and Rarities

Habits/Mannerisms: Caring by nature, she worries a bit and it shows when she bites her lower lip or more typically the inside of her cheek. She can be a little clumsy.

Background: The oldest daughter of two, her mother and father were nurturing. Her mother always seemed a little more happy with the younger daughter, so she became a bit introverted. She was a bit of an outsider until middle school, where she became popular. She’d make fun of the girls who used to be like her, only to later realize she didn’t even particularly care about what they were like or what they liked. By the time she got into high school she hated always pretending to be someone she wasn’t and had a minor break down. Her friends eventually stopped hanging out with her and she remained solitary. She went to College for higher education in literature and fiction; books had always been her companions. She spent semesters in the UK and Ireland and travelled a bit. She jumped between jobs because she never feels like they fulfill her, until she gets her job as clerk in Alister’s Bibliotheque and Rarities.

Internal Conflicts: Celeste struggles with the fact that she never really fit in, and then when she did become popular it was at the expense of another. She has slowly lost belief in her dream and doesn’t think true love will happen to her.

External Conflicts: Celeste will face the world of the magdrid with little power. But she is so much more than what is on the surface and her destiny will reveal itself as something altogether more important to not just the world of magdrid, but to the greatest magdrid Eien has seen.

Notes: Smells like blueberries and butter and occasionally jasmine.

trust of the magdrid, sebastian roczniak, fantasy, fictiion, novels, books, writing, writer, magic, daniel hale

Daniel Hale

20 • Occupies Eien and Sien

Role in Story: Secondary Lead Male

Goal: Accompany Sebastian and protect/save the magdrid and the world of Eien.

Physical Description: Tall, a bit lanky but not unfit, he has brown, foppish hair that is slightly wavy that he keeps much shorter than most magdrid. He wears glasses that are always slipping down his nose.

Personality: Smart and very kind, he is a protector. He isn’t sure about love, as he never got any in his youth, but he is incredibly open. His quirkiness makes him all the more charming.

Occupation: Apprenticing with Sebastian Roczniak.

Habits/Mannerisms: He loves eating and is constantly hungry and is always pushing up his glasses.

Background: The youngest of eight children from the Hale Family, his father Jasper Hale is a Prosect, a magdrid who works for the Council and goes out to make sure that no magdrid are practicing dark magic. Daniel wanted none of that life, and so was ostracized in both the community and by his family. When they learned he was a bejnkavel, they threatened that he must return to the family and take his rightful place in the Council. Daniel refused, instead deciding to petition the only other known bejnkavel; the feared Sebastian Roczniak, for an apprenticeship. Sebastian accepted, as he hated the Hale family and the Council and figured both would despise it if he took Daniel on as an apprentice. Since he started he has learned a great deal of and has grown to view Sebastian as a father figure, the likes of which he never had in his life.

Internal Conflicts: Daniel struggles with the notion of harm, he is not eager for it and prefers to see reason. But he will have to test these notions or end up dead, or allowing someone else’s death. He’s also torn between trying to help his father or let him go.

External Conflicts: Daniel struggles with learning the world of the humans and controlling his magic. He must stand with Sebastian against the Council and the Scold, being one of the strongest magdrid and a bajnkavel himself, he will see many leaning on him for guidance and deliverance.

I hope you enjoyed this and it gives you a little bit of a background into my writing and the novels I write. I’ll be working to get up character introductions for my published books throughout the following weeks and even introduce you to some of my “Evil” Characters to mix things up. Everyone loves a good villain!

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