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Scrivener Trial-Week one

scrivener, cork board, using scrivener, review, writing, writers tools

First week into using this software for writing and I’m already finding some pretty cool little bits an bobs.

  1. You can import styles from a word document for formatting. Hey, this is pretty dang neat-o! I already knew the formatting for the one fantasy series and had it set up, so all I had to do was import them instead of try and make them up again in Scrivener. Pretty dope!

  2. I have images of books with the chapter number in them already size for Word, but when I import them into Scrivener they are HUGE! It was a little interesting trying to figure out the correct size for them.

  3. I tried importing part of my second draft of my first novel in a series into Scrivener, it didn’t quite work out as easily as it looks like it can be. Not for me. That being said, it was actually pretty easy to import and then divide.

  4. Speaking on number 3, that is pretty great and all, but when I try to pick up writing in the middle of an imported word document file, or to finish a chapter of the imported file, it doesn’t retain the formatting. And every time I hit enter to start a new quote line or paragraph I have to select the style. Now, I may not know all the ins an outs yet so I’m not putting this as a super negative, but it is a little weird. I’m hoping that if I start a new paragraph and use the style I already formatted that this won’t become an issue. I certainly hope the first 5 chapters don’t end up having a completely different format than the rest of the book.

  5. I would therefore recommend you start a book in Scrivener, don’t try to import. If it takes more than a beginner to figure out how to make this work, that is already too much of an annoyance.

  6. I LOVE the ‘Full Screen Composition Mode’ an here’s why: black background. I spend so much time in front of a computer and when I switch to the full screen mode I suddenly realize that my eyes feel better looking at that screen. I hadn’t noticed it until I give them a break. So, this is something to take advantage of.

So far I imported part of my draft through chapter 5 into Scrivener and though there were some growing pains I am getting the hang of it. Importing was easy, but the formatting was the issue, and it takes a little bit of tweaking to get right, so I would recommend starting fresh with Scrivener.

scrivener, cork board, using scrivener, review, writing, writers tools

I have been playing around with the notes and character sketch/setting sketch templates. They are a HUGE help when it comes to this complicated trilogy of mine. Next I’ll try to find a way to format a cool dictionary area, as I have a partial made up language and I need to keep track of all the words and meanings.

scrivener, cork board, using scrivener, review, writing, writers tools

Also, use the keywords!!! These are incredibly amazing to use in keeping track of things or people when you view the cork board. So easy to coordinate with color and placement. It has seriously made my writing life a deal easier.

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