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Scrivener Trial

With two series developing under my belt, I’m in need of some major organization, so I’m going to do a Scrivener Trial. Many people have responded to Scrivener as being a number one tool they use for writing. It’s a place to outline, write more organically, as in when a scene strikes, not when it needs to be written, and a place to store research.

I’ve watched a number of the tutorial videos in an effort to get a grasp of what Scrivener actually does and I have to admit, it sounds like a really good option for me given that I have two series lines to work with. They included characters, through lines, plots, but also for one of them, a dictionary of made up words. (That’s for my future fantasy series, not yet released.) So, after watching the tutorials I honestly have to say Scrivener has hooked me. I’m willing to give it a 30 day Free Trial to see if it does indeed end up giving me the flexibility and the organization that I am going to need as I move deeper into each of these stories.

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One of the series is a fanciful romantic comedy. This isn’t as complex and the characters are closer to me, so I’m not having as much an issue keeping things straight. But when I already have ideas running through my head for scenes in the third and fourth book, weeeelllllll, maybe I need a place to store that all a little better. The first of the series is out now, Satan’s in Your Kitchen, and the second one is due out this summer.

The other series is a fantasy trilogy (so far, don’t hold me to that number) and involves worlds, a cast of

characters both good and bad, terms from these worlds, made up book titles and mystical creatures. So, to say I need a litany of organization on this one is putting it lightly. I have interiors to map, exterior worlds to map, and long histories between some characters that need to be mapped out as well. I already had the three stories mostly mapped out, but things have changed since my first draft of Book #1, so I’ll need to re-order things and re-think things that weren’t even going to be a part of the books originally.

Today starts my 30 day free trial, so I’m going to keep updating as I discover cool things, or things not so cool, and give final thoughts on how handy I find it. Considering the eventual cost for the software, a low one time cost of $45.00 for mac, it’s actually not that bad of a deal to check out.

scrivener, writing tools, writer, writers, writing, tools, how to write, fiction, novels, author
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