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October At The Cottage


October is the month of witches and black cats, of leaves turning vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. Autumn has fully arrived, the temperatures are dropping and it is time to pull out heavy sweaters, cardigans, cozy blankets and to build warm fires as night falls. October brings mystery, the chill of deepening shadows tingle down our spines as we sweep up falling leaves. Strangers come to town and we all feel a touch of unease as the night of All Hallows Eve approaches, thinning the veil between us and spirits.

At the cottage, the gardens are being prepped for the long sleep under their blanket of snow, their final leaves or goods dropping. The stems will be cut back, the delicate plants will be covered for a bit of extra protection. Canning and jam making is a must starting this month, which is enjoyed in the cozy kitchen, a vase of the last of the flowers from the cutting garden sitting prettily on the kitchen table. Wood is chopped and stockpiled, and our fires warm us as we snuggle on the couch, under woven blankets, and read ghost stories in the darkness of night.

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