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July At The Cottage

july at the cottage story

The buzz of bumble bees who dip and frolic from flower to flower creates a symphony for the month of July. Lace and white cotton curtains sway languidly in the fleeting breeze, and we all find ourselves slowing our pace. With the high temperatures comes time to relax under trees with a good book, along with early mornings tending to the gardens. The kitchen is filled with fresh crops, but the stove and oven find themselves forgotten while outside the grill is more often aflame. More often than not the fresh fruit and vegetables are turned into bruschetta, salads, or cold soups and the market finds us heading directly for the local cheeses and the artisanal breads to round out our effortless meals. Another new edition lends our home to a flurry of lackadaisical romps, our basset hounds lolling along the green grass in their lazy sense of play.

Walks with the girls around our home and woods more often than not leads to lazy wanderings, along with some gentle foraging and definitely a stop to feel the cool water of the brook that giggles through our property. The ducks waddle after us, eager to join us for a dip in the little lake, with its cool, deep waters. More often then not we find ourselves on its shores, with a handful of snacks and plenty of lemonade or tea, soaking in the dappled sun through the branches of the willows. At night we escape into the house, which is once again cool with the sun set and the moon silver in the sky. With a spritely cocktail, we sit down to our writings and adventure through our latest stories into the dark of the night before slipping into cool cotton sheets for a sleep filled with berry scented dreams.

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