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June At The Cottage

Everything is growing under the summer sunshine. There are plenty of baby chicks, ducklings and lambs, which means plenty of mouths to feed. Thank goodness our gardens are growing too! There is plenty to care for and tend to, the gardens need weeding and feeding, and the animals are all super excited to get out and graze on fresh summer grasses. Meanwhile, morning and evening walks around the property reveals new growth, blossoms and creatures for the dogs to explore and chase. Little field mice are building their nests, pink babies wiggle inside, up in branches and hidden deep inside hollows.

Every activity moves outside. We write under the large canopy of ancient wisteria, a cross breeze kicks up the papers, so we weigh them down with stone. Reading too moves out onto the porch, often followed by mid-day naps. The beds all get turned down with fresh cotton sheets and all the windows open up to carry the sweet scent of green grasses and blossoming flowers through the halls. With the summer equinox on its way, we ready everyone for the occasion. The sheep need shearing, fences need mending and soil needs turning. To celebrate, we’ll picnic outdoors with meals made from our crops and from the local farmer’s market. Floral crowns will be made, abundance will be celebrated and dancing under the moon and stars will be had.

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