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November At The Cottage


November bundles in like a cool breeze, imagine the claymation North Wind, with swirls of cool air that brings flurries of perfectly unique snowflakes and frost coats the edges of windows. Night comes fast, ushering us to gather indoors, or walk by lantern light down the leaf-strewn paths. The cool nights bring deep sleep and the night skies teem with stars that sparkle and seem to dance closer to earth. Everything starts to sparkle, mornings bring frosty dew to the tall grasses that rub off on all the animals, washing them in the cool water that makes them smell crisp and clean.

The gardens are officially in their deep sleep, all is quiet with the little critters, and the birds ruffle their feathers, bulking themselves up against the chill temperatures. Our breaths fog like miniature storm clouds as we walk along the dying edges of our garden, taking the animals out for walks and play. Our basset hounds love the cooling temps, sitting outside with the ducks and geese, surveying their sleeping lands. The cats gather in the door frames and sleep in coiled balls, like tortoiseshell and tabby snails, and we flame the fires higher, adding blankets to our bed and cracking the windows to sleep with the fresh, frigid night air.

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