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May At The Cottage

Sunshine is welcome, windows are open day and night, and flowers are blooming! The orange blossoms are bursting with fresh, sweet scent and our small orchard and resting garden is popping to life. Vegetable seedlings are growing heartily out of their starter pots, and the anticipation of ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumbers and sugary sweet peas has our mouths watering. Putting finishing touches on the new potager garden, with chicken wire fencing and plenty of compost rich soil has kept us as busy as our writing. With the pleasant breezes and green smell of new grass, sitting outside on blankets and writing our hearts out in the outdoors has been a lovely break from the cold, wrapped up fervor inside.

Everyone is eager to get out and stretch their legs, and babies are hatching, offering welcoming little tweets to the morning birdsong while Nightingales are singing a lullaby all night long. The bunnies are getting used to the house, while the hounds get used to them hopping about all over and the cats stare at them as if they are creatures underserving of such freedom. It will soon be time to move seedlings out of the greenhouse and into the warming earth. Meanwhile, in the kitchen goodies made with buttery flakes, splashes of lemon, and baby herbs are being whipped up on a regular basis. We’re all eager and excited for the rich summer to come.

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