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March At The Cottage


March! At last the month of spring is upon us and the weather is warming outside. The animals take to the fields in the early morning hours with a leap in their step and enjoy the longer daylight hours, soaking in the sun as it beams down upon the pale green fields, peeking through fluffy clouds that appear like monolithic shadows along the ground. Hot and cold days fluctuate now and again, and tiny, fresh blades of super green grass start to poke through their more lackluster brethren. Plans for the garden are finalized and seeds need to get started. Snowfall turns to slush and then to rain, and the pastures and trails become nothing but muck.

The dogs are constantly dragging the detritus of the outdoors, their excitement to run through it without their low lying bellies or tiny feet getting frozen cold. The cats too finally decide it is time to step outdoors and see what kinds of little creatures might be stirring yet. The tree branches alight with songbirds, with rosy bellies and pretty little blue, grey feathers. It is a little early yet for the robins, who will soon arrive to feast on the delicious worms that charge up from the mud as the rain drowns them upward to the surface. The cottage windows and doors are thrust open, even if the breeze is a tad cool. It is time to air out the place and bring in the freshness that is just trickling over the horizon.

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