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January At The Cottage


January is a time at the cottage when the world settles into a deep quiet. Layers and layers of snow build up and when the sun peeks out of the clouds for a day or two it glimmers off the white and it near blinding. The animals stay huddled inside until it’s just too much to take, all pent up inside. Then they dash out the door and into the flurries, snowflakes coating their fur and noses. The branches creak like some string instrument being pushed and formed into the beautiful hourglass shape that then makes merry music.

With the New Year comes the urge to create. Inspiration has been building throughout the holidays and now January offers us the time to sit and make something. Keyboards clack along with the snap of the wood in the fireplace, or pens scratch across paper in beautiful journals, scribbling notes and ideas and plots. Ideas suddenly spring to life, floating around the warm ceiling. They become like paintings, jumping out of our heads and into the atmosphere, while we go about our daily life of feeding the chickens and ducks, making warm stews and fresh breads and the constant brewing of coffee and tea. January is our jumpstart into the next months that will keep us feverishly working, making and enjoying all the wonders around us. My fingers will get itchy to start planning for the spring, and candles will burn well into the night as we snuggle under blankets and share our work and ideas for what is to come.

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