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February At The Cottage


February is a month where the hints of spring approaching come in the odd warm days, followed by another blast of cold. Spring is trying to make herself known but winter is still having a grand old time of it and is not yet ready to release her glittering white vestiges. In the house we begin to get itchy fingers and feet. Our minds are already preparing for the spring thaw and the garden planning. It’s a great time to get said plans out of the way, so we review our seed catalog and start mapping out what we will be planting this season, eagerly looking forward to the first, ripe, warm tomato off the vine.

The animals are all ready for the break to happen as well. Their warm breath still clouds the air, seemingly coating the fields in a dewy fog. They are ready to shed their warm winter coats, but they must retain them for a little while longer. Inside we prep for the coming of spring, paring down and lightening our meals, eager for something fresh and delightful. Cranberry scones offer us a pop of brightness, satiating our cravings for the time being. The month is short, and the daylight hours start to get longer already. February is a month of anticipation.

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