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April At The Cottage

The delight of frost crystals still cling to the visage of the dying winter, and mornings bring hanging, dusky blue mists over the dark green grass that is slowly coming back to life. Mornings have become magical moments, waiting in silence to bring some unknown magic to the day. Or to hide the remains of the revels of the fairies, who have finally stepped out of their holes and mounds after a long winter sleep. Their mischievous giggles can even be heard in the late night hours, echoing out from the wood now filling with green buds, and their footprints can be seen, momentarily, traipsing through the frosty grass or along the edges of the windowsill.

Garden plans have been finalized and the task of cleaning and clearing the paths, the dead branches and uncovering the protected plants can begin. We’re making a new garden as well, a potager garden, closer to the house, and that is not the only newest thing in our home. We welcome a pair of sweet and loving bunnies, a gift from the man who can’t resist a rescue endeavor. They’ll be a sweet addition to our mixed up crew, and perhaps a contribution to the homemade yarn we’ll be making this season; I can just imagine blankets made of soft rabbit fur in the soft colors of brown and blue grey. Now is a busy time around the house, a time to clean and open up the windows. Time to bless the house and charge it with positivity, to rub peppermint oil on the windowsills to ward of unwanted visitors, and hang clean linens out on the line for a fresh breath of air.

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