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Review: Through Magic and Mayhem by S.D. Pixley

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Through Magic and Mayhem

S. D. Pixley

Two women discover friendship and adventure in a hidden world full of magic and lost memories. Eka stays in motion since losing her family, running from one adrenaline rush to the next and away from any connection. Christelle loves her close-knit family, but longs to spread her wings and connect with others. A seeming accident leaves Eka at Christelle’s doorstep as memories of magic, hidden within our everyday world, return…more

My Rating:

Fate seems to be driving Eka and Christelle together, but they don’t even know about each other, although their families appear to have a long history together. Through Magic And Mayhem is a rich story of traumatic pasts and specials magic by S. D. Pixley.

The first chapter jumps right in, as we join Eka on, what becomes clear instantly, another one of her runaway moments. But this time she is being directed by some other power toward a small place not many know, and isn’t even on a map. This setup is immediately intriguing, but then it takes a few more chapters to get back into the rhythm of that mystery and magical reality that is the setting of this novel. Meeting Christelle isn’t as interesting and a little incomplete, the lack of character depth is apparent here, whereas Eka was immediately intriguing and fully-fledged.

The Florida atmosphere and fecund scenery is ripe throughout the storytelling. It sets a mood of intrigue that adds to the mystical mystery the two young women are trying to solve, both outside and within themselves. Along with this, the magic elements of the book are both unique and familiar, a clear indicator that Pixley knew exactly what she wanted her magic to read like. Those moments are the best part and are written eloquently and are ripe with description. Even as some of the reactions of the characters feel false, or childish, the overall tone and story are both exciting and mysterious. The mythology is bred from the familiar, with the notion of higher beings beyond our imagination, along with the ancient Gaia mythos.

Above all Through Magic And Mayhem is an intriguing mystery of hidden pasts and wondrously reimagined magic.

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book review, review, book, books, fantasy, magic
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