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Review: The Supremacy Witch by Marion Mavis

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The Supremacy Witch

Marion Mavis

Being exiled from her coven is the least of Evelyn’s problems.

Although only passed her sixteenth summer, Evelyn is considered to be one of the most powerful witches in the entire realm. With her magic comes the honour of being chosen as the next coven leader. Unfortunately one unlawful use of magic costs her the life she always dreamed of.

But perhaps leaving her sheltered life behind was the best thing for her. As she sees the world of witches in a new light, she learns more about her own magic. Powers that go behind those of even a Supremacy witch. Evelyn is a clairvoyant, a gift not many have come to possess.

And thanks to the soul-selling shadow dealer known as The Eckle, Evelyn learns that witches from both sides are after her because of it. Now she is forced to make uncertain alliances with those wielding corrupt magic — some of it being her own.

“Supremacy Witch” by Marion Mavis is a fast paced adventure that drops the reader into the deep end of the magical world of Ezfaia.

Evelyn is a sheltered young witch, with a headstrong personality that leads her to make rash and quick decisions. Having absolutely no idea what life is truly like outside of her enclosed and quiet village, she soon finds herself thrust out into a whirlwind of reality and deceit. The sheer level of betrayal this young woman faces is astounding, and she’s not always reacting to it in the smartest way. Her new adventure begins when she disobeys an order from her mother, the head of their coven, and is banished. While this act seems unwarranted and her mother comes across as if she is more a regretful stranger than anyone who ever cared for Evelyn as a daughter, there are some explanations revealed later that make this lightening fast turn of events work.

Although some of the actions of characters seem a tad irrational, I was reminded of the youthful, emotional whims of teenage life. The pace is also incredibly fast, it is a roller coaster adventure that reads like a script for the television series “24”, if of course Kiefer Sutherland was a teenage girl and living in a magical world with untapped powers beyond her knowledge. The world of Ezfaia is well mapped, and the descriptions are on par with the pace of the novel, nothing slows down the rhythm or takes the reader out of the moments spent with Evelyn. Another great job of this fantasy work by Marion Mavis is the incredibly charming side characters; Marcus for one is quickly likable and feels like a solid and sensible undercurrent to the flow of the novel. Mavrik is romantic and wily, and he has endured something greatly evil we as yet don’t know. The back stories of the supposed dark witches is highly intriguing, though of course not fully revealed just yet, one must wait for the next books in the Keepers of Magic series (presumably) in order to see just who is truly the culprit of all the hate and evil in Ezfaia.

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