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Review: The Shadow Witch by Marion Mavis

the shadow with by marion mavis

The Shadow Witch

Marion Mavis

“Dark or light we’re all the same—all capable of being good or evil.” Evelyn Emmerich and the remaining members of her coven vanish into the night and never look back. The ancient witch rings make them untraceable, keeping them safe from Celine’s wrath—for now. Their quest to find the three missing Keepers begins in Serila…more.

My Rating:

On the run, what’s left of Evelyn’s coven have hidden their true nature to avoid capture, and find themselves in the wolf’s teeth in book two of the Keepers of Magic series by Marion Mavis. The Shadow Witch returns us to the world of Ezfaia when the dark clouds of the future are gathering on the horizon.

This second novel kicks right off into the thick of the precarious situation our protagonist and company were left in at the end of book one, The Supremacy Witch. Said supremacy witch, Evelyn is on the run from Queen Celine and her army of champions. The last of her coven, along with a handful of newcomers, and a Witch King round out this growing epic fantasy as she prepares to end the terrors Celine has been wreaking on witch-kind.

There is much more depth here, not just in story, but in character development.

These young witches are enduring pain, some worse than others, and trials of the mind that leave them with scars. Mavis does an excellent job of seeing them not only overcome these hardships but also rally with one another and help each other through their insecurities. Showing us that it might only take one person to be the savior, but it takes a gang of likeminded people to help them get to the top.

The pace of The Shadow Witch is blazing. The original cast grows leaps and bounds with Mavis creating more realistic dialogue and interactions in this novel that excels beyond that in The Supremacy Witch. The world of the Keepers of Magic books extends to magical new places as well, with introductions to neighboring and lost kingdoms.

Marion Mavis is growing as a writer. Her fantasy world is filled with originality, and this series would be an amazing gift for any young adult fantasy fans.

It’s safe to say there is much to look forward to with the release of book three coming in 2020.

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book review the shadow witch by marion mavis
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