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Norse Mythology

We all know the stories, or perhaps we know the stories of the Norse Gods based on the lovely comics or the recent movies. But what Neil Gaiman does here is gives us the tales of our favorite characters, Loki and Thor (as well as many others) in the guise of the true myths.

While the true stories are finally revealed, like how Mjolnir actually came to be in Thor’s possession, the book manages to give the same sort of fun and wit Thor: Ragnarok, the recent Marvel movie. Loki is troublesome and constantly ferreting his way out of trouble, Thor is barging around making decisions based on strength instead of measured thought and the others are just all along for the merry ride.

This books brings back the wonder of reading those illustrated books about greek gods and the myths and legends of ancient times. Norse Mythology brings us education in a glorious package of amusing tales.

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