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Book Review: The Moon Rogue by L.M.R Clarke

the moon rogue by lmr clarke

The Moon Rogue

L.M.R Clarke

Prince Mantos, rightful heir of the Masvam Empire, is murdered to allow Dorai, the Dark Goddess, to seek ultimate power. However, all is not lost, for Mantos has died once before and mysteriously returned from the dead. Into this tumultuous conflict steps Emmy, a slave who escaped captivity, only to be enslaved once more. Recognized by the healer Rel, who shares Emmy’s unusual skin coloring, as a descendant of the Uloni, a race brought forth into the world by the daughter of gods, Emmy may be the key to returning balance to this world…more.

My Rating:

A new and imaginative world is created in LMR Clarke’s The Moon Rogue. Several tropes are flipped on their head in this first of a series about dragon people. Some might find that last bit unappealing, but truth is, this detail does not upset the ability to associate with the characters. Often times the notion that the characters aren’t human in the normal sense disappears, with the story becoming immersive enough to eliminate this fact from the readers mind.

The story is all about destinies and fates, with layered narratives helping to paint different paths through this war torn world. This fantasy defies the norm, making women the ruling and the strong sex within the pages, and includes all perspectives of sexual preference without making the story into a commentary on this. With multiple perspectives, some of the characters are more unique and interesting than others, making the reader wish to return to specific characters journeys. In turn, there were characters that clearly had a purpose, but following their story wasn’t as engrossing, either because the character fell short, or they became slightly annoying.

Clarke’s writing is on point, mixing the poetic with the pointed, which leaves a story woven with intent and drive. This helps move the story along, though there are still some patches that get a little bogged down. However, many of those areas are to blame on the character’s voice, making this a story that could leave some readers feeling like they simply can’t get into it. Overall this book breaks molds and invites readers into a new perspective on fantasy, and does so rather successfully.

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book review the moon rogue by lmr clarke
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