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In the eerie, blood-soaked shadows of the once-tranquil college town of Thetford, a chilling question hangs heavy in the air: Is it the gruesome work of a madman, or has an ancient malevolence returned to reclaim its dark dominion?

Jules, an art student with a penchant for unraveling enigmas, unwittingly stumbles into the heart of this harrowing mystery. Her fate takes a sinister turn when she attends an opulent dinner party, dripping with prestige yet tainted with an unfathomable darkness. And as the moon hangs low in the midnight sky, she glimpses the impossible—a monstrous specter prowling the town's desolate streets.

With each mutilated corpse that piles up, Jules, emboldened by the ghostly specter of her estranged journalist father, embarks on a perilous journey to unearth the horrors concealed within Thetford's seemingly serene facade. But the secrets she unearths defy the limits of her wildest nightmares.

As the malevolent forces close in, will Jules stay true to herself, resolute against the relentless pull of Thetford's maleficence, or will she succumb to the seductive embrace of its insidious power? In this chilling odyssey, the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur, and the true terror lies not just in the lurking shadows but in the fragile depths of one’s soul.


"Nerve-wracking tale proving that nothing is scarier than the unknown." - Kirkus Reviews

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